>WONCA APR 2009 Hong Kongは予定通り実施です。6月4−7日(木ー日)

>今週末のプライマリケア関連3学会の合同学術集会は延期となりましたが、来週末の香港でのWONCA Asia Pacific(世界家庭医機構)の学術集会は予定通り開催されます。


We Are Ready

Some of you may be concerned with the new worldwide H1N1 epidemic and are reluctant to leave the safety of your homes, but we wish to reassure you that Hong Kong is stable and safe. We have had two imported cases but there is no community outbreak. The Government has done a sterling job in containing the infection and earned praises from the community as well as those international travelers who were caught up in the quarantine. Dr. York Chow, Secretary for Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Government and the official responsible for directing the fight against this new disease, will be giving the keynote speech in our conference. There is no restriction on travelers entering Hong Kong regardless of where you come from as long as you do not have a fever or symptoms of flu. So be rest assured. Furthermore, not a single international conference in the next three months has been cancelled because of the new disease, so Hong Kong is business as usual. At the conference, we will take the necessary precautions to safeguard your health and prevent cross infection and we are confident that as health professionals, we will look after each other’s health.




患者中心の医療の著者であるDr. Moira Stewart、日本からは岐阜大学医学部 医学教育開発研究センター(MEDICAL EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT CENTER, GIFU UNIVERSITY)から鈴木 康之先生などが基調講演のspeakerとして予定されています。



ただし、麻しん同様 新型インフルエンザ輸出国として悪評がでないように体調管理を。


Moira Stewart, Judith Belle Brown, W. Wayne Weston, Mcwhinney, McWilliam
Radcliffe Medical Press ( 2003-07 )
ISBN: 9781857759815

>WONCA APR 2009 Hong Kongは予定通り実施です。6月4−7日(木ー日)」への1件のフィードバック

  1. >こんにちは。初投稿、高村昭輝@フリンダース大学です。本日、当大学のExecutive DeanであるMichael Kidd氏と話す機会がありました。彼はWONCAのExecutive Memberでもありますが、とても気さくで優しい人柄が印象的でした。その際、鈴木先生による講演の話が出ていましたが、実際の学会はどうだったのでしょうか?ぜひ、いつかは私も家庭医ではないですが、General Paediatricianとして赴いてみたいと思います。



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